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 Post subject: REGISTRATIONS - Some notes - Part 1 of 23.
PostPosted: Thu Oct 09, 2008 5:02 am 

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01 46 36
A registration carried by car 46136 (engine 16). In recent times the car was rebuilt with a Coupé Profilée body. See picture.
01 V 26 (WB)
A type 51A owned by Albert de Lay .
05 SR 909 (WB)
37 or 35*. B.40/1/8.
The Australian registration issued to a type 30 (4724) which Dr. Stuart Sauders imported from the UK in the mid-seventies. He retained the car until 1990 when it passed to Dr. Morison in the UK. It was then issued with the registration DV 5705.
082 B 1 (WB)
The road-equipped type 59 owned by Prince Leopold and then Falise.
05526 (WB)
A type 40 Grand Sport pictured at Molsheim with Uno Ranch in 1933.
A registration issued in Victoria, Australia to a type 23 assmbled by Bob King in Australia using parts provided by David Roberts after car 2569 was destroyed in an accident. The chassis frame is of a two-wheel brake type and had been found by Gavin Campbell in around 1960. It was fitted with engine no. 892 from car 2526 (but it is noted that the crankcase has been overstamped with the no. 2566). A chassis plate with the UK BOC serial no.1002 was issued to King for this car stamped on the front “BC 002”, The UK BOC does not record when this plate was issued but it is assumed it took place around late 1976 or early 1977. The car was fitted with an attractive three-seater boat-tail body of 1922 design built by Harry Donders. The project was completed in 1978 and the car competed in the Australian Bugatti Rally in Canberra in that year. In the 2006 publication “The Bugatti Book” (p.334-5) it is noted that Kings ownership continued until 1995.
1 AE 81
A Belgian registration on a type 23 (1918 with engine 304) whilst in the ownership of J.A.N. Blaivie. The car was imported from Italy in 1994 and has been owned by N. and J. Baldwin with the UK age-related registration SV 5348.
1 HV 72
The French registration on a red and black 1926 type 40 cabriolet owned by the Musée de Automobile at Le Mans, France. See picture.
1 MN 31
A dark blue type 43/44 driven by A. Chaumienne during the 1969 International Bugatti Rally held in Cheltenham, UK (photo ; B.69/3/51). Fitted with one-piece mudguards. White hood.
2 EA 08 (WB)
The type 57C of Raymond Tycokzinski which previously belonged to Leopold III of Belgium.
A Hampshire, USA registration on a plate with a white background showing an Elk (?) and “Live free or die” carried on the ex-Arturo Keller, Oscar Davis 1926 type 38 with a maroon Lavocat Marsaud maroon body.
A French (?) registration on a hand-painted temporary (?) number plate on a type 57C rolling chassis which is featured in photograph 366 in the Bugatti Trust album no. 18. The picture includes a “modern” (sixties ?) car in the background.
2 PT
A UK reg. no currently carried by a yellow and black type 55 (55207) owned by Corner in the UK. (Previously LLF 971 and DF 7).
2 UWS 375
4 E 17·53
A USA no. plate with the legend “NY – The Empire State – 51” attached to the type 54 used by W. Milliken at the Cornell Research Laboratory.
4·043 (Red Background)
A canary yellow touring Brescia owned by Australian Stuart Murdoch. September 1999 : Prescott.
4 658
An Australian registration on a car owned by Des Dillon.
An Australian no. on a plate with a red backgound pictured in “Bugatti - Number Plates” on a black (Pur Sang ?) type 35C.
4R 2 883
The Californian registration carried by the ex-Richard Pope type 57S (car 57591* with engine 39S) from 1951 when it was owned by Californian Bob Oliver and when it was later owned by Tom Perkins in Los Angeles between around 1983 and 1988. (57S – 57374 ?).
6 BE 75.
A French registration issued to a type 50 which was originally invoiced to agent Astan Finaly in Paris, France. In 1950 the car was acquired in Paris by Englishman H.J. Hyams and it was re-registered in the UK in 1954 as OXU 53. 13 TZ 74
The French registration no. used on the 1912 type 13 with chassis no. 442. This is the second French registration carried by this car since it was repatriated from Russia in 1965. It previously carried the Paris no. 260 UA 75.
7 37 TS
The French no. on a maroon type 37 featured in advertisements for the Circuit des Remparts meeting in France. See “Bugatti - Number Plates”. 20 404 or 204 404
The no. on a type 44 (?) pictured in Buenos Aires c. 1935. See “Bugatti Argentina” p. 234.
8T 2113
An American registration (?) on a white type 57 Galibier with chassis no. 57806
9 DH 04
The registration on a 1939 Ventoux type 57. Red letters on white background. The car was exhibited at the 2004 Essen Motor Show. See picture in “Bugatti – Number Plates”.
The registration on a type 37 driven by Dubonnet in 1928.
11B 758
The German registration on the 5 litre car with chassis no. 471. This was the pointed-tail car which Ettore drove at Mont Ventoux.
11N 15349
The German registration on the type 41 “Royale” with chassis no. 41121. See picture in “Bugatti - Number Plates”.
13 VP 58
15 787
22 EN 96
A Dutch registration. See picture.
23 AAY
A car owned by Michael Steele. See picture.
22.922 NO
The Novara, Italy no. issued to Varzi for his type 51 (51125). It still carried this registration when Argentinian Rudolfo Pradere acquired the car from J.M. Millet in 1959.
23 AAW
A UK no. on the dark-yellow eight-cylinder type 37 owned by Micheal Steele. See “Bugatti - Number Plates”.
26 57 BS
A French no. on a 1935 black Ventoux-bodied type 57 pictured on the internet and in “Bugatti - Number Plates”.
26 63 BS
A (French) Netherlands registration on a black 1935 Ventoux type 57. 57285. See picture in “Bugatti – Number Plates”.
26 86 03
A French registration on a special type 30 driven by Mazurel (Masurel ?) in the Boillot Cup sports car race at Boulogne in August, 1923. A wheel broke and the car crashed and failed to finish.
27 W4
The registration on a type 18 5 litre rolling chassis pictured in “Le pur-dang des automobiles” (p.40).
The French no. of the Dubos-bodied type 51 of André Bith. 111. It was also the Argentinian registration on a supercharged Grand Prix Bugatti used in publicity material for an unreleased 1936 film. The words TIBRE B 1935 also appear on the no. plate. See “Bugatti Argentina” p. 144.
30 CPN 78
The French Registration on a type 35A. See picture.

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