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 Post subject: 37317, 37323 and Philippe de Rothschild
PostPosted: Sat Feb 05, 2011 12:35 am 

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37317: In Grand Prix Bugatti, it says 37317 was delivered to Philippe de Rothschild in June 1928 as T37A. Targa Florio was May 6, 1928. Ferdinando Minoia from Usines Bugatti drove T37A (37317) in this race. After this race, 37317 was delivered in June 1928 to Rothschild as T37A.

37323: Grand Prix Bugatti says 37323 was delivered to Paris Showroom in December 1927 as a T37.

Based on my information, 37323 was the T37 that Philippe de Rothschild drove in the 1st Grand Prix Bugatti on 24th June 24, 1928.

My research, from Pierre Yves Laugier, says:

History of 37323 in North :

It is a very important car because ,it is the one used by Baron Philippe de ROTHSCHILD at the Grand Prix Bugatti 1928.
The car is sold to him on 29th may 1928.
It is registrated in Paris with plate 655 E 29.

The 1st of june 1929,the car is sold to North department,with plate 3697 MB 1.
New owner is Louis PLUQUET,26 rue Jean Jaurès in Croix.
He kept the car until december 1931,then the car is sold in the next department of Pas de Calais.
During his ownership, Pluquet raced 37323 at « Routes Pavées Circuit » in september 1929.It was a 6 hours race of 479km.
He won the 1,5 Liter class for racing cars at an average of 79,92km/h.
The same year he raced at Peronne (Picardie Grand Prix)and Dieppe ,but did not finished..
On 18th may 1930,Pluquet is 2d at Peronne.

Later ,the car came to Saint Etienne area in 1934,then in the Loire valley in Tours in 1937.

It comes back to North from Paris on 27th may 1939 :
-Plate 3421 MD 6 :Emile GILLERON 72 Rue Marceau in Henin.
-resold on 4th march 1946 to Raymond BAILLEUX 5 Rue l’Aulette at Le Quesnoy.
-sold to Normandie in 1952.The car is now in Epernay.

In the Wiki Bugatti Register, 37317 lists that it was the car in the 1st 1928 Grand Bugatti.

Based on research from PYL, he says 37323 was the car that Rothschild took 2nd place in the 1st Grand Prix Bugatti.

Who is right????

"Grand Prix Bugatti" says the car 37317 was a 37A at delivery in June 1928. However, "Grand prix Bugatti" on page 101 says that Rothschild drove a T37 (not T37A) in the 1st Grand prix Bugatti. Also, in "Bugatti, A Racing History" by Venables on page 97, says that Rothschild won in a T37 (not T37A).

If 37317 was delivered as a T37A, how could it be the same car that Rothschild drove in the 1928 Grand Prix Bugatti IF that car was a T37?

"Grand Prix Bugatti" lists the first three places of 1928 Grand Prix Bugatti as Dubonnet (T37), Rothschild (T37) and Zehender (T37A). (so, they did distinguish between T37 and T37A in those results, and did not just leave the “A” off of Dubonnet and Rothschild).

“A record of Grand Prix and Voiturette racing” shows Rothschild in a T35C as early as April 1, 1929. (page 168, 170, 174)
"Bugatti, A Racing History", on page 105, says Rothschild bought three T35C’s through Guy Bouriat, a Bugatti Agent in Paris, raced one of those T35C’s in the Grand Prix of Antibes. HOWEVER, in “A record of Grand Prix and Voiturette racing”, on page 122 for Grand Prix Antibes on April 9, 1928, there is NO George Philippe listed.

So, at the end of 1928, Philippe de Rothschild owned a T37, T37A, and three T35C's.

My conclusion:

So, if we follow the timeline. After this race, 37317, a T37A was delivered to Rothschild in June 1928, after being raced by the factory in the 1928 Targa Florio by Minoia.

Just by coincidence in June 1928, in the 1928 Grand Prix Bugatti, Rothschild raced a T37. As this was a T37 that he raced, it was 37323 (per PYL) which he purchased on May 29, 1928, and not 37317 (a T37A).

Sounds logical to me!

What do you think?

 Post subject: Re: 37317, 37323 and Philippe de Rothschild
PostPosted: Sun Feb 06, 2011 9:30 pm 

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Louis PLUQUET : owner of 37323, not 37265 (see PYL)

J. Pollet acquired engine 228 (ex-37323), and it went into 37265 in the Summer of 1948.

- #53 I° Grand Prix Bugatti, Le Mans, 24th June 1928, Phillipe de Rothschild
- V° Grand Prix de Picardie, Peronne, 9th June 1929, Louis Pluquet DNF
- Circuit des Routes Pavées, September 1929, Louis Pluquet, 1st place in 1.5 liter class at an average of 79.92 km/hr (6 hrs, 479km),
- #24 I° Grand Prix de Dieppe, 7th July 1929, Louis Pluquet DNF
- VI° Grand Prix de Picardie, Peronne, 18th May 1930, Louis Pluquet 4th

See update : ... itle=37323 ... itle=37317 ... itle=37265

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