Works Bugattis in 1930
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Author:  Michael Müller [ Mon Aug 06, 2012 11:20 am ]
Post subject:  Works Bugattis in 1930

GP Monaco, 6 April 1930:
3 T35C registered on 28 March 1930
#4948 for Bouriat, reg. 7625-NV, sold after the race to H.J. von Morgen (as T35B)
#4949 for Chiron, reg. 7626-NV, sold after the race to Prince Lobkowicz
#4950 for Williams, reg. 7624-NV, sold in August to Juan Zanelli (as T35B)
WIKI says 4950 was registered as T44 which sounds more than strange. Anybody having reliable data about the registrations?

Targa Florio, 4 May 1930:
4 T35B entered for Chiron, Divo, Williams and Conelli.
Photo showing registration only available for Divo, showing 7700-NV (= #4960).
I have no date for this registration, but looking at the a.m. ones and the date of the race it should be dated 2nd half April.
Other registrations of the same series:
7698-NV - T35C #4862
7701-NV - T35C #4961

A lot of questions....
What was the date of the registrations?
Any data about 7699-NV?
7700-NV indeed T35B? Or T35C??
7698-NV and 7701-NV indeed T35C? Or T35B??
Any photos available of the 1930 TF with visible registrations for Chiron, Williams, Conelli?

Premio Reale di Roma, 25 May 1930:
2 x T35C for Chiron and Bouriat, T35B for Williams (DNA).

Grand Prix d'Europe at Spa, 20 July 1930:
AIACR official regulations, minimum width of cars and fuel limitation.
3 cars with widened bodywork and special barrel tank had been entered for
Chiron (#4962)
Bouriat (#4961)
and Divo (#4960).
Reportedly all T35C.
Photo showing registration only available for Bouriat, showing 7701-NV (= #4961).

Also here some questions....
Any photos available with visible registrations for Chiron and Divo?
It seems that the same cars had been used as at the Targa Florio, but T35B at the TF, and T35C at Spa...??

Grand Prix de l'ACF at Pau, 21 September 1930:
The AIACR rules had been scrapped and the race was held as "Formula Libre".
2 x T35C entered for Bouriat and Williams (with Chiron as reserve driver). No informations about which cars had been used.

Already at the start of the 1930 season Bugatti was aware that their T35 cars had no serious chance anymore against the rising competition of Alfa and Maserati. The T51 was under development, and not much efforts went into the single cam cars anymore. The Monaco cars still sold quite well to privateers, but I believe that the TF cars had been used as long as possible by the works team. However, I am uncertain about the changes between 2.0 and 2.3 litres.

It seems to be factual that at least 4961 and 4962 were kept by Molsheim and converted for 1931 into T51's.

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