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Author:  Michael Müller [ Wed Jan 09, 2013 1:45 pm ]
Post subject:  4960/4961/4962

Acc. to my files these 3 cars had been registered at Strasbourg on 29 March 1930 with
7698-NV (4962)
7700-NV (4960)
7701-NV (4961)
I am not sure about the date, and I cannot find back my source.

One day earlier on 28 March the following cars had been registered:
7624-NV (4950)
7625-NV (4948)
7626-NV (4949)
These 3 had been the works cars for Monaco, and as usual for Bugatti the registration took place 7-10 days before the the race.

It is my believe that the first 3 ones had been the works cars for the Targa Florio which took place on 4 May, so registration should have been arranged end of April and not end of March. Additionally, 75 registrations (running order between 7625 and 7698) in one single day (28 to 29 March) is very unlikely for those days.

Question 1:
Has anybody a proven date for the registration of 4960/4961/4962?

Question 2:
Has anybody details about the registration 7699-NV?
I know that it has been issued because I have photos of a T35 with that registration dating from August 1930. And a 4th car would make sense as Bugatti for the Targa Florio entered 4 cars for Chiron, Divo, Williams, and Conelli.

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