Congratulations Great Britain
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Author:  Johan Buchner [ Tue May 11, 2010 9:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Congratulations Great Britain

I wish to offer my congratulations to all our British members on the appointment of David Cameron as their new Prime Minister. Tough times are made tender by tough people just as kindness is best when rendered by the strong. (Yes these are my own words. No it's not a quote. How cruel you are.) David Cameron and Nick Clegg certainly has their work cut out for them - the Greek financial crisis is by know means over and Portugal and Ireland's situation does not look all that rosy either.

And if Europe gets a headache South Africa gets piles. Always. Luckily our beloved president is such a revered international statesman imbued with such a rock solid moral compass we are bound to sail through unscathed. And the check's in the mail Sweetheart.

So it should come as no surprise that I hold the outgoing Prime Minister Gordon Brown in quite high regard and watching his quiet dignity as he relinquished the office I suddenly envied the British nation holding their public servants to a such a high standard.

The nation of my birth has seen fit to appoint a thief, a rapist and a thug as president, therefore all South Africans shall burn in Hell. That's what happens when a nation elects the spawn of Satan you see.

I do not believe a Tory-Liberal coalition to be the spawn of Satan, do you?

Kind Regards
Johan Buchner
South African, alas.

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