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Author:  Herman [ Wed Dec 12, 2007 4:40 pm ]
Post subject:  About the Bugatti Server

As some of you know, I run this website from a server at home. This gives me the opportunity to expand the website with virtually no limits on size. (the website is way too large for a hosting provider anyhow, now using more than 3 Gb of space).

In the very near future, I will upgrade the server somewhat. I have bought a very nice "SCSI-RAID 8 disc Array". This is basicly 7 harddisks, all connected to each other, making data access very fast, and in the same time very secure. The 8th disc is not used in normal circumstances, and will act as a "hot spare". If anything should go wrong with a disc, the "hot spare" will automatically take its place. Same is try for the cooling fans and the power supplies. (there are 6 cooling fans, and 2 power supplies.

This will mean that in the near future, the site will be offline for a couple of hours, as I am connecting it to the server, and reconfigure the server. I will try and keep the downtime as short as possible, but I do need a couple of hours. I will also upgrade the memory inthe same time, but I do not expect too much performance gain on that.

Best regards,

Your humble webmaster...

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