Type 50B engines - direction of rotation.
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Author:  Legaleagle [ Sun Mar 16, 2008 9:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Type 50B engines - direction of rotation.

Around 1984 an English journalist and engineer called Mr. Ronald Barker interviewed the late Mr. Martin Dean about the type 59 race-car he had built using an engine from the de Monge aircraft project.

According to Dean, the engine ran anti-clockwise and when he purchased it the camshafts had been removed.

I seem to remember reading on this website that both engines in fact ran the in the same direction.

Author:  octagonfox [ Sun Mar 16, 2008 10:17 pm ]
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Author:  J.J.Horst [ Mon Mar 17, 2008 8:54 am ]
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Due to these stories from Martin Dean it was more or less generally accepted that the two engines were of different turning direction, which sounded logically if you have contra-rotating propellers.

However, there is one extra set of gears in front of the front engine, which already changes the direction of rotation. Therefore, both engines turn the same direction.

I suppose that all the confusion was because both engines had the intake-exhaust on different sides.

To add to the confusion: Ray Jones says that he changed the turning direction of this engine, while Martin Dean says the same thing. Was the turning direction changed twice? In that case of course Mr. Dean was right....

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