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[14 Nov 09] :: Amphibious Bugatti Veyron??
news imageAccording to the driver, he got distracted by a low-passing pelican.

Watch the movie, see the pelican?

Youtube Bugatti Veyron

Second video
[08 Nov 09] :: 2 nice videos
news imagePeople have different opinions on the new Bugattis, but one has to admit: Their videos are great.

Bugatti Veyron top speed run

Bugatti Galibier showcase
[20 Sep 09] :: Bugatti Galibier = Bentley Mulsanne
news imagePerhaps it was to be expected, but Mr. Michiel van den Brink made it painfully clear:

The Bugatti 16C Galibier is basicly a Bentley Mulsanne with upgraded engine, and slightly different coachwork. Although Mr. Paefgen denied this some time ago in all languages, it seems that he did not tell the truth.

An older interview:

Paefgen wants to crush rumors that the new Bugatti saloon will share parts with the new Bentley Mulsanne into dust. Says Paefgen, 'A Bugatti saloon will have different dimensions and be a completely different concept. In fact it's hard to find any similarities at all.'

See the picture attached, and judge for yourself.

For the full story, please visit
[20 Sep 09] :: New 3rd party exhaust system for Bugatti Veyron
news imageCan a Veyron be improved? Mansory already tried, but now a second company did some work.

Quicksilver Exhausts made an exhaust system to improve the for some too civilised exhaust noise. As a bonus, weight went down from 19 to 11,6 kgs. This gives you an advantage twice: First it is easier to drag your new exhaust to the car, if you buy it on a car show, and also it saves you 7.4 kgs in the rear end of the car.

If power output has improved, is not (yet) known. For more info and pictures:

Bugatti Veyron Quicksilver Exhaust on the forum
[20 Sep 09] :: The fate of the Sleeping Beauties
news imageThis week the English Publisher Veloce signed the contact to publish the English translation of the book 'Het lot van de slapende schoonheden' in 2010. The book will be called 'the fate of the sleeping beauties' and will describe the real history about the famous car collection of Michel Dovaz an will tell what has become of all those magnificent cars, that were photographed by Herbert Hesselmann in 1983. His photos went all over the world and there were two books (1986 and 2007). But was his book in terms of respect and humanity right? Was it a fairytale and was Michel Dovaz done wrong with this book?

'The fate of the sleeping beauties' will tell the truth and rehabilitate Michel Dovaz. The book is written by Kay Hottendorff and Arnoud and Ard op de Weegh. The Dutch edition was and is a success.

If you want to order yet please contact He will put you on a list.
[14 Sep 09] :: First ex Malmerspach Bugatti in Peter Mullin Museum
news imagePeter Mullin, who bought a major part of the Bugattis which were in the "Malmerspach Collection", finished the first Bugatti of the collection. The car is not restored, as it was in a pretty good shape. Just some missing or detached parts have been replaced, carefully preserving the patina the car has. The handsome blue and red type 40 found its way into the museum, which will not open until 2010.

The Malmerspach Collection consisted of some 70 cars, claimed back from the French government by Arlette Schlumpf. This spring the cars were sold, after Arlette Schlumpf passed away.
[14 Sep 09] :: 5 liter Bugatti chassis 471 for sale
news imageThe ex-Ettore Bugatti, Le Mans & Mont Ventoux racing car
1912 5 LITRE CHAIN DRIVE BUGATTI RACING CAR will be auctioned by Bonhams, the 26th of September, in Reims.

See for more info:

Bonhams site
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